3DS Emulator – New Release for 2015!

Dear members , we are proud to present to you a new and redesigned Nintendo 3DS Emulator that will be featured on Hacking Nation from now on. New emulator is called e3DSx and it is currently running on basis of our own n3ds emulator , but with much better interface and compatibility then before. We will cover the basics of this emulator and you can read full instructions and guide on emulatorspot.net.

3DS Emulation Basics – What’s changed ?

About a year ago we released a first beta version of our emulator. At first it was slow , did not support much games , but few months later when many new developers came in to support the project with their knowledge we managed to get it working . At this moment it supports over 200 3DS games and runs at steady 30 fps. This is how it looks like:

Nintendo 3DS emulator

New Super Mario 2 running on first working version of the emulator

Now that the core of this emulator is integrated in a new release we wanted to present it to you so you can see what is changed and how exactly it is improved compared to the old version.

New features

As you can see it has a completely new interface that offers you a intuitive way of navigating the options and loading the 3DS roms. The image that you see on main screen will actually stay there while playing giving you a real sense of playing the real Nintendo’s console. Of course , you can switch it off , and run it full screen with main and small screen.

3DS Emulator

New Nintendo 3DS Emulator main screen

Download new Emulator version [] – February 2015


The other major improvement is that you no longer need separate 3DS BIOS file , it is now integrated in the emulator itself and will be loaded automatically when you run it. This also means that you will get around 10 fps improvement for most games due to decreased processes needed to run separate Bios file.

In gameplay options you can change controls and open save game manager , and also load your game. Plugins remained almost identical to our older version , with some minor improvements and new options , but the functions are the same. Emulator also features automatic updater , with beta versions that are available to certain number of members , and developers would like a feedback from all beta testers. If you are among the lucky ones , you will get access to new games faster then others. This was the case with the latest Pokemon X and Y game , which was available to beta testers few days after its release, but if you did not download the new version you had to wait about a week to get the game running on normal release.

This new version of 3DS Emulator will certainly be the future of emulation for Nintendo 3DS and we will continue to support the developers.