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If you are not yet familiar with Club Penguin , its a MMO that was made back in year 2005 and by late 2007 they had about 30 million users making it one of the most successful online games. Although you can play the game for free there are many great features that are unlocked with CP membership such as allowing you to dress your penguin, decorate your igloo, adopt up to 20 puffles and join exclusive parties. These are all great features but to unlock them you need to buy membership with your credit card or you can join our website and get the Club Penguin Free membership using one of the tools that we got from our fellow developers. So lets see what it really is.

What is Club Penguin Membership Hack ?

One of the many tools that our developer friends made over the years are certainly generators for online games such as club penguin. First generation of tools were only used to add minor things to the game such as coins. Today when the more sophisticated version is made you are able to get much more without being worried for the safety. The latest version is featured with the most secured server up to date and you will be able to get club penguin free membership codes by downloading databases directly from these servers where the codes are stored. One of the best things that we added for our fans, or the members that liked our page on facebook, google+ or tweeted are the dedicated servers which are loaded with many more codes then regular servers. We call it a hack but actually its the generator that allows you to find working codes in each separate database . We know it looks complicated but it really is not , here is how it looks like and where you can download it , and of course the instructions how to use it.

Club Penguin Membership Hack

The main window of the latest version of Club Penguin Free Membership Generator

Club Penguin Membership Hack Download

Latest version Updated for February 2014.


Updated : March 2014

The Databases are Updated every Day !

emulator download

Alternative Download Link if you can not download from above

Instructions for using the Club Penguin Membership Hack

  1. Like , Tweet or G+ for Download (You will also get access to dedicated server with this)
  2. Run it and you will be presented with main window just like in the picture and choose you code
  3. Click Generate
  4. Once your database is updated and generated you will be able to access the secured server
  5. Download your Activator with the 1, 6 or 12 months code depending on what you choose
  6. Run the activator and it will search the database for all available Club Penguin free membership codes and activate it automatically
  7. Wait for it to be activated and you will be notified when its done , after that redeem and enjoy !!
Club Penguin Free Membership Codes

Club Penguin Free Membership Codes Activation Step

 More information about the development of the Club Penguin Membership Hack

When we first started working on such projects for MMO games we realized that some of the game cheats developers already started working on it and it was just a matter of contacting them and asking for permission to upgrade their tool. We changed quite a bit , added some darker skin to it and some pictures to make it user friendly. But whats most important is the functionality of it , we upgraded the search algorithm so it can now search for more 6 and 12 months free clubpenguin membership. Also, the latest update that we released in year 2013 is giving you the ability to download the actual codes from the 256 bit encrypted server , meaning that every code that you get is 100% safe and you can use it to upgrade even your main account. This was made possible when we started working with emulators such as 3DS Emulator and realized the security benefit these servers provide.So we did the same thing with our Free Club Penguin Membership Hack tool , and so far the activation rate of the generated codes is now over 90%. Since the codes that this tool is searching for are still inactive we added the activation tool along with your generated database and it provides the ability not only to search for the available club penguin free membership codes on each type of database such as 1 , 6 and 12 months.

Here is the tutorial video from one of the members :

Club Penguin Free Membership – Club Penguin Membership Hack- Tutorial from Sam J. on Vimeo.



  1. I had problems with my first two tries , i have no idea why , but i tried tomorrow and it worked good. i got 6 months code

  2. Tropicana363 says:

    How to download the RAR file

    • Hello , download it via big green download buttons at the center of the post, its hosted on zippyshare

  3. Kingtan says:

    Does it work for mac?

  4. I got one 3 months code yesterday , i can tell you CP is much better with membership 😀

    • Hey guys, can i get more then one code , i just got 1 months membership , but i would like to try another one today :)

      • Hello Askie , yes you can download another database and get 6 or 12 months codes for example

      • I am just back to post my feedback. I got 12 and 3 months codes this week and i am more then happy 😀

  5. I had some trouble downloading but i got it working and got 6 months code , i’ll try to get one more and i am good to go 😀

  6. IT should unlock once you do that , can you try with different browser maybe

  7. how to use the generator

  8. Looks interesting , i did not play much CP last few months , maybe ill go back


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