Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC

Nintendo has released many great devices in the last year including the brand new console called Wii U. These consoles are excellent and provide gamers with many new features and better experience overall. Many users of Nintendo 3DS know how good that device is but not everyone has the opportunity to own it , and would prefer to play the games on PC instead. That is why we developed our Nintendo 3ds emulator which does exactly what the name says , it emulates the 3DS roms and allows you to play them on your computer. The development started a year back its finally ready to be released for our members. We are proud to say that almost 90% of games are supported now and working flawlessly. Lets talk a bit more about it and see what features it has.

What are the features of the Emulator for Nintendo 3DS?

The whole idea of running console games on your PC is great and many users love to be able to play the 3DS games on your computer. It takes time to develop a proper emulator and to make sure that all games are supported. During the last year we spent many hours testing and perfecting the emulator 2.9 and after a brief beta testing it is finished and ready to be downloaded. With it , you will be able to run any 3DS roms that you download and we will give you a source where you can do that as well. We have to give credit to some of the 3rd party developers who allowed us to use the plugins for graphics, audio and controller from them and save us some time on that. Also they helped us to develop emulated BIOS and integrate it with our emulator. We will talk a bit more about the development later but lets see how it looks where you can download it and start playing your favorite games.

3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator Download – v1.2.9.0

Pokemon X and Y Rom download and emulator update information


 Updated : January 2015

Latest News :

New Interface and other changes thanks to Emulator Spot, you can download this new version directly from our site


Instructions for using the Nintendo Emulator

  1. Download it and unpack it to folder C://
  2. Run it and let it update the settings and plugins (it will set it to optimal default settings)
  3. Click File > Start and choose your 3DS roms that you want to run
  4. The emulator will automatically run itself after that

3DS emulator download

Once you start the game you will be able to change many options including controls , graphics settings , full screen option and many more.

More information and tips for optimizing the n3ds emulator

Nintendo 3DS emulator

Nintendo 3DS emulator v2.9.4 running the New Super Mario Bros 2

The development of emulators is slow process and requires a lot of patience , but we are lucky to have a great community that always tests new releases so we can sort out any bugs that might occur and fix them . Some of the problems that came out and were our top priority are problems with plugins not loading correctly and causing initializing problems, but we managed to fix that for most users in version 2.9.4 and it is available on our emulator download page, and some of members said that installing new drivers for graphic card helps it run smoother. As far as the optimizing your Games after running the emulator its always best to see which resolution works best with your PC , and that can be accessed via config>options menu. Controls are good by default but you can adjust them to your liking through Controls menu. BIOS is updated by 3rd party developers and it is now working for almost all games including some of fan favorites like mario kart 7 and new super mario 2. We also got some amazing plugins for graphics and audio from them and it makes the 3DS roms and games look almost better then on actual console itself . You may have seen some of the previous versions of our emulator for 3ds on forums and many members asked us about it , but you have to look at the version , since the new versions are v2.9 and above, anything lower is most likely outdated.

Dedicated servers for playing Online

We are also developing servers that will allow you to play Online via LAN simulator , and that is the feature that only our fans get. To become a fan you can Like , Tweet and Google + this post and our home page and you will be able to connect to our servers and play online. By becoming a fan or active member you will also gain access to Nintendo 3ds emulator download for bios and plugins updates faster then regular members. Some of our members also decided to make a video testing our emulator and we will post one of them here, and if you would like to play ps3 games you can take a look at the new version of ps3 emulator  :

We are also developing emulators for more then just 3ds , and here you can check out our latest version of Xbox 360 emulator for PC , and mac version is soon to come .


  1. Awesome updates, much better FPS now

  2. Great 3ds emulator , i played most of the games i wanted with it

  3. Its the best 3ds emulator i found , why dont you give it a name of some sort 😛

    • We are thinking about it, we are merging with another group soon to work on new consoles when they are released and will give it a name for sure

  4. David Sanchez says:

    Thanks! 😀

  5. I just downloaded one 3ds rom , tested it with i3 intel and i get around 40 fps which is not that bad

  6. yukitoki19 says:

    KH:3D Work on this?

    • We have not tested this game ,but i see the game was released in 2010 so it should be good.

  7. After running it for about half an hour it crashes , how to fix it ?

  8. SyaMix says:

    It is written: “Failed to initialize component …”

    What i have to do?

    • Borrix says:

      It happened to me when i first downloaded 3DS Emulator on my PC, but when i tried on my friends computer it worked great. I guess i will update my drivers and stuff

  9. engagex says:

    hey will rising sun awakening work in this emulator?

  10. How can i join the community to develop this emulator

    • Write us an email via contact us , with your programming skills and we will consider to add you to the group.

  11. where i can find best roms game for this emulator?

    • There are many tested by community and you can try ones that we tested such as Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario Bros 2

  12. Will pokemon x and y work on it?

  13. I downloaded the new set of bios and plugins , it seams i was running on older ones from few weeks ago lol , new version is great and i am getting about 30% better fps

  14. Johnatan says:

    I got Mario Kart to work on intel i5 and its running really smooth

  15. New version is working great for me on Intel i7 and Nvidia 560 gtx :)

  16. can u upload it again please

  17. What about the second screen?

    • Its in the options , you can turn it on and off , i dont know why Patrick turned it off in the video

  18. Plz make it for mac too

  19. It says “To run this application, you first must install one of the following versions of .NET Framework:

    • Hello , .NET Framework 4.0 is standard software from Microsoft and you can download it easily, just google it. Its needed to run many apps not just this one

  20. Hey is it possible to play DS and DSi games with the emulator?

    • We will be releasing the version for DS/DSi soon , there are some already made , we just need to upgrade it

  21. so sorry all.. it’s my fault.. or better of damned IE8… i got it!!! thanks anyway!!

  22. where the download?

  23. wheres the bottom screen?

  24. very good

  25. where can i download the updates bro?

    • Emulator automatically checks for updates on every startup , you can download it if its available

  26. why does it have to be in the C: folder?

  27. Wow, it works great!
    thanks and I can play Mario Kart 7 !!!

  28. I share it in Google and Facebook, but I can’t download it. I try it with Patrick’s video, but I don’t have the BIOS D: Can you help me?

    • Maybe it bugged a bit , download it again and let the emulator check for updates , download if there are updates available.

  29. Why we need to get the Bios ?

    • Hello , the bios is the core file of any emulator and its needed to run the latest games. Its updated frequently by 3rd party developers and its integrated in 3ds emu .

  30. my BIOS file is in the 3DS folder but when I open it, it looks for updates as if the BIOS file isnt there? any suggestions?

  31. Downloaded Mario Kart 7 and its working perfectly , thanks !

  32. Thanks , its working now , i had to adjust it a bit for my graphic card but its fine :)

  33. the download link is broken :(


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