Nintendo DS Emulators & 3DS Emulator Plugin Updates

Even though Nintendo DS console was made long time ago , much like other Nintendo consoles like Game Boy , SNES and others , some games are still much fun to play. These games can be played on PC with the help of emulators and in this post we will tell you which Nintendo DS emulator can be used for NDS roms and later you can read more about the Latest 3DS emulator project and the recent plugin updates.

Nintendo DS & 3DS






First of all we would like to point out that we are focusing on updating and maintaining the emulator for 3DS now and we will leave the Nintendo DS Emulator to those developers that already made them , since there is no reason to make these from scratch. There is a number of emulator choices to consider for and you can read about it on NDS Emulator Wiki page . Most of them are quite old and released long time ago, for example NO$GBA was released back in 2006 and it was a first one to run commercial NDS Roms. They usually require a donation to get access to the latest version.

Even though Nintendo DS Emulator for PC allowed you to run NDS games on PC with great speed ,we steer toward optimizing and updating the emulator for Nintendo 3DS that will allow you to run 3DS Roms on PC which are newer and better. The latest version can in most cases run NDS roms as well. So here is how it looks like:


3DS Emulator

Here you can read more about the updated version of Nintendo 3DS Emulator by

It comes with custom made plugins that allow you to run it on many PC configurations, on different types of graphic cards and processors. Great thing is that the latest version of the emulator will allow you to download these plugins if you do not have them , so you do not have to look for them. Standard plugins are for Graphics , Audio and Controller and they are custom made for this emulator and can not be found anywhere but here , or downloaded directly from emulator if needed. Some games can be run without them but its usually best to get them as well since they speed up the games.

New Graphics Plugin increases compatibility with most graphic cards especially some older ones


 You can download the latest set of plugins for emulator here


Nintendo DS EmulatorWith the advance of the software and hardware it will be possible to run these emulators on phones and tablets.

Nintendo DS Emulator for Android is also available and you can read more about it here , its a forum where members discuss about it. It will surely be interesting to see if the emulator for 3DS is going to be developed soon for Android as well , at this time it is only available for PC.


Here you can watch one of the Youtube Videos that and it will show you how to run the DS emulator for Android .You can check the other post for 3DS :


  1. Are you sure there is no other way to use the 3ds emulator on a mac? If not; will you be working on a 3ds emulator for mac?

    • At the moment its windows only , but there is a plan to port it to mac version as well

  2. I am playing ds emulator on my android , its awesome!

  3. Does NDS Emulator work on mac ?

  4. Thanks , I am using the DS Emulator for Android now and i will certainly try the 3DS emulator on my PC :)

  5. Android version really looks interesting , and i did not know there is 3DS emulator as well 😀