Pokemon X and Y Rom and 3DS Emulator Update

With the release of Pokemon X and Y Rom we decided to upgrade 3DS emulator to support this popular game. The new version has been updated and you can download it and read more about the emulator Here.

Pokemon X and Y Rom

The game itself is one of the best that was released on Nintendo 3DS and you should certainly play it.

As for Emulator , you can notice some improvements as well. Notice that you can now toggle second screen if you do not need it , like while watching a cut scene. Some other improvements are added to increase frame rate for other games as well as Pokemon.

Pokemon X and Y Emulator








Download Pokemon X and Y Rom [Torrent File-900kb]


More about the game:

Pokemon series is very popular , mostly among younger audience but many older players like to play it. New X and Y games are remarkable and developer surpassed every expectation. There is no doubt that Pokemon X and Y will be remembered as game that made the transition to better looking, more social strategy game. If you have Wi-Fi you can connect and never be alone in your game universe. The game offers incredible 3D features and it makes transition to some 2D parts nicely. The animations are fluid and developers really put some time in it. Character design is also good as well as multi player options. The only thing i can think of is the A.I which is not that great.

Running Pokemon X and Y Emulator

We made detailed guide on our main emulator post for Nintendo 3DS and this game is no different when it comes to running it on PC. Just start the game via ROM and it will run on default settings. You can always change these options later when the game is running , including resolution , graphic settings and CPU options. Latest version comes optimized for Pokemon and for most casual gamers with decent computer spec will be more then enough to enjoy this awesome game.