PS3 Emulator for PC

PlayStation is one of the favorite consoles among gamers and the fact that it is still selling like 2 years ago is proving that.  Its renowned by great graphics and sound and while the best experience is always achieved on the console itself there is a way to play your favorite PS3 games on PC with the help of our ps3 emulator. Previously many emulators suffered from the same thing,  they could not achieve frame-rate on lower end PC’s resulting in not so good experience for players. We overcame that in our latest version and most of the games will run good on older PC’s as well. Emulator is designed to have many features included and to support most of the  popular games , lets see what it really is and what features you can expect.

What is Playstation 3 emulator and its features ?

When we first started working on PlayStation emulator projects for PS2 with some of the developers of PCSX we realized the popularity of the emulator software in general and how many players like to play ps3 games on PC . That is why we started working on the emulator for playstation 3 about a year ago and during that time , thanks to our community which tested all of the previous releases we can now say that its mostly finished and supports wide range of popular games such as Uncharted, Mortal Kombat and others. Most of the features that you will see such as graphics and audio are set to optimal defaults for your system and should work for everyone if you have the latest bios files which are updated frequently to provide support for new ps3 games releases and to improve the existing ones. We will talk a bit more about it later in the post but lets see where you can download it.

PS3 Emulator

PS3 Emulator download -v 1.9.4 [Feb 2016]


Archive includes GTA 5 game download guide

Important Update : GTA 5 now runs much better , please download the latest update

Instructions for running the Emulator on PC

  1. Download the rar files and extract to folder C://
  2. Run it and let it check for bios updates
  3. To run ps3 games , go to File >Run from image or DVD
  4. Wait for graphics, audio and controller to load
  5. Adjust settings to your liking and Enjoy!

PlayStation 3 Emulator

If you want to run from DVD it will automatically start and if you want to run from image you will be prompted to choose that image when running this Emulator . Once the game is running you can change the settings such as resolution and controls.

Development of Emulator for PC
PS3 Emulator for PC

PS3 Emulator Running Uncharted

The whole process was quite difficult and once the BIOS files were cracked thanks to Saquib and others it was just matter of perfecting it to have good frame rate and that most games run without any glitches. Later it was possible to add any missing elements from the emulation and it was no longer needed to hack those parts.  For compatibility reasons we started developing the plugins that will enable people with different PC components to run the emulator. The Graphics, audio and controller are the first ones that were made, as well as integrating memory card options. First versions of these plugins worked great but with the coming of new graphic cards and components we faced new issues .While the main problem at first was certainly the bios , later we had to deal with some graphic cards not supporting our plugins. That is why we found a developer to make the new plugin files for graphics that will run with our latest version of playstation 3 emulator v1.9.4 . We are constantly adding new features and now we want to introduce you to Netplay , which provides an option for you to play Online even with your friends that are using the real console. This feature is available only for our active members and we will now explain what that means.

Dedicated NetPlay servers for active members

We love the idea to provide servers where our members can play online with their friends , but since the server speed is limited we have to limit the number of members that have access to Online play as well. To become an active member and to access the ps3 emulator online features you can Like us on Facebook, Tweet about it and recommend on Google +. That way you will be able to access the online servers. You will also be able to get access to latest BIOS files and plugins faster then regular members. Here you can watch the tutorial one of our members made and if you want you can check out the 3ds emulator and if you are more into Xbox exclusive games you can read more about the latest xbox 360 emulator as well.



  1. grand theft auto says:

    Can I play grand theft auto on my pc?
    this is my specs
    8gb ram

  2. i just tested ps3 emu with GTA 5 , i am getting around 40-45 fps inside and 37-42 outside, its good enough for me

  3. PS3 emulator archive now includes GTA 5 game image download guide for anyone that has problems getting the game itself

    • I tried GTA V with xbox emu and with ps3 emulator and i like it more on PS3 because i get slightly more fps outside.

  4. GTA works after you update!! thanks for such fast update