Xbox 360 Emulator for PC – 2015

The year behind us has been really good when it comes to development of emulators for some of the best consoles like Xbox , PS3 and Nintendo 3DS. The new systems allowed us and our developer friends to make upgrades to Xbox 360 emulator that was previously running really slow or they had glitches like graphic distortion. Now we can say that our new version of emulator 3.2.4 is supporting many of the popular games and later we will explain how we came to this breakthrough in console bios that allowed us to rewrite our emulation software so it does not have to hack the bios but integrate it and make the games run smoother and with better resolution. So lets see what our new versions of emulator for xbox 360 is and what features it has.

What is the new Version 3.2

We begun developing this emulator last year and the first versions of it did not have the correct bios crack and it had to be emulated from scratch. Now, with the new files that were developed by Scr3bs and a few other of his coworkers we integrated it in our new versions of 3.2 and above. The new plugins and system files allow you to play many of the Xbox 360 games that were not supported in versions below 3.0. One of those games is Red Dead Redemption that was requested by many of our members before. The bios is updated on regular basis with many improvements for new games. It also has many features for customizing your graphics , controller and other but we will talk about it a bit later in the post , now lets see how it looks like and how to download  it.

Xbox 360 Emulator Download [v 4.2.3]

Xbox 360 Emulator


 Updated for GTA V and it can now run this game

Version 4.2.3 is released with new User Interface!!

Latest Update : January 2015

Instructions for running the Xbox Emulator for PC

  1. Download the rar file and extract it
  2. Run it and check for bios updates, and download if its available
  3. Run from DVD or Image
  4. Wait for it to load graphics and audio components
  5. After the game has run you can set up the settings
  6. Enjoy !!
Xbox 360 emulator download

This is how the folder looks like when you download xbox emulator 3.2.4


If you want to run the game with Xbox emulator via image you will have to load it before when starting it . These can be downloaded via torrent and many other sources. While running new games that are graphic demanding you will need to lower the resolution if you do not have high end graphic card.

Development of Xbox 360 Emulator
Xbox 360 emulator for pc

Xbox 360 emulator for PC running Betman – Arkham City on version 3.2.4

At the beginning of 2012 we started experimenting with consoles such as Nintendo 3ds and it was quite easy to emulate compared to PS3 and Xbox. After some time and when we released a beta, and few months later a final version of Nintendo 3DS emulator , there were many coders and developers that joined us and so we divided our group into sections , each working on one console and exchanging the experiences from each project. The first steps were quite difficult because the bios is not something that is easily emulated on PC , but after the team from ps2 emulator cracked theirs it was easier to follow their steps and use it on ps3 and Xbox 360 . Like with the ps3 emulator for pc the plugins are what made it run more smooth and allowed it to be used with many computer configurations and different graphic cards. The plugins are not developed by , they are made by the same team that made many console emulators as well as other software that is used with them. After a year of progress in 2012 there are definitely still many things that need to be done but at the moment many games are supported and its always great to have a community that wants to test new beta versions.

If you would like to receive updates on bios and new versions of emulator you can become our subscriber and if you want you can Like on Facebook , tweet and google + our page to become a fan and get the most recent and updated plugins that other members will get in few weeks.


  1. Do you have any video of that? I’d love to find outt
    some additonal information.

  2. Hey guys, i just want to say that new version is working much better with GTA 5 , i am getting around 50 fps now.

  3. Im running GTA 5 at steady 50 fps , much better with new version

  4. Added a simple rar file on how to download GTA 5 image files , just download emulator again and you will notice it

  5. Works ok with GTA 5 , having some slowdowns due to my graphic card but its playable

  6. Does it work with GTA 5 ?

  7. hi guys , do i have to download new version ? does it work with most new games ?

    • With each version there are fixes and new modules that are not supported with old version. Also new version supports new games and improves old ones.

  8. can play smack down vs raw 2013

  9. I got failed to initialize properly error , can you help me ?

  10. zakariya says:

    is this work already on full speed

    • If you mean frames per second , yes , the latest xbox 360 emulator version takes care of the lower FPS on some machines

  11. Hi can I use this with xbox live?

  12. Admin,
    I have liked, tweeted and g+. But cant see downliad link. I have used mozzila and chrome

    • You can use the green download button to download from alternative server. I tested it just now , it should work

  13. Gregory says:

    Will this just run through the disk drive or do you have to download the games to your hard drive?

  14. I am a huge fan of the game Jet Set Radio future for the original xbox, but couldn’t find any good emu’s. Would the game work fine here?

  15. Yaseen Khan says:

    Please anybody let me know if it will work on radeon HD 7670m with i5 or not.

  16. Abugroza says:

    can i run halo series, 3 or newer with athlon x2 245 vga hd 6770 and ram 4g?

    • Yes , processor could be a bit better but graphic card will pull it, just dont push resolution too high

  17. I just tried red dead redemption , i wish my pc is a bit better but it runs ok :)

  18. Nice, it’s work :D! I am playing Red Dead Redemption on amd phenom 955 and ati 6850, runs good. Sorry for bad english :)

  19. hey admin how much processor and ram do i need to run it plx rply

    • Latest update improved performance so you can run many games with Mid range PC . Many tests were made with AMD Phenom 965 and Intel i5 2500k

  20. troogerz says:

    Is this working on Windows 8?

  21. tsugumi ohba says:

    I liked it i dont see link for download

  22. Hello.

    This emulator for XBOX 360 supports games from the first XBOX too ? Example: Dead or Alive 3, Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate ?

    • It should run these games too without problem , some games are usually remastered for Xbox 360 , but it should work anyway.

  23. Which games are playable with this emulator??? can i play any wwe games or any other gta games..?? etc

  24. Muntho Kong says:

    i’ve tweet, like and g+….but download link is not appear…

  25. Hey guys , was there an update for bios file ?

  26. Hey guys , thanks for updates. It increased my FPS for about 10 in Red dead Redemption 😛

  27. Whats the system Requirements for the game from the Video ?


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